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Mississauga North Tournament
Location: Mississauga, ON
Friday, May 27, 2022-Sunday, May 29, 2022
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About This Tournament


Games will be seven (7) innings in length. No new inning will start after two (2) hours have elapsed from the time of the first pitch of inning #1 in all round robin games. If a new inning starts prior to the two (2) hours, the inning must be completed. Games are over as soon as the home team takes the lead in any final inning of a game (7th inning, mercy rule or past time limit). The Official scorer will record the time of the first pitch and will announce the time to both teams. There will be no time limit on quarter-final, semi-final and championship games. The eighteen (18) run after three (3) innings, fifteen (15) run after four (4) innings, and ten (10) run after five (5) innings, mercy rules will be in effect for all games.

Ties will be permitted in the round robin preliminary play.

The Official Rules of Baseball shall govern all games except as provided in Section RP2 ‘Special Playing Rules section of Baseball Ontario’s 2022 Constitution. These rules can be found at https://ondeck.baseballontario.com/. Click on ‘Rules & Resources’, then 'Rep Rule Book', then ‘RP2 ‘Special Playing Rules’.

Baseball Ontario’s Arm Care Rules will be strictly enforced as per section RP2.11. The Official scorer will be responsible for recording pitch counts for every pitcher on the Official Game Sheet. It will be the responsibility of each team to ensure that pitch counts are properly recorded on the Official Game Sheet at the end of each game. Once the Official Game Sheet has been handed in to the tournament convenor, the pitch counts on the Official Game Sheet will stand. Coaches shall sign the Official Game Sheet immediately following the conclusion of the game acknowledging the Pitch Counts of the pitchers used during that game. In the event of a discrepancy in numbers, the Pitch Counts of the “Official Pitch Counter” shall stand. In the event a coach fails to sign the Game Sheet, the Pitch Counts recorded will be considered official and no appeal or protest of the numbers will be allowed later.

Tournament Format

This is a sixteen (16) team event: four (4) divisions of four (4) teams. All teams entered play three (3) games in the round robin. All teams will play each team in their division once in the round robin. After the three (3) round robin games, the top two (2) teams in each division will advance to the quarter-final games on Sunday morning. The four (4) winners of the quarter-final games will advance to the semi-finals on Sunday with the two (2) winners of the semi-final games advancing to the Championship game.

All teams will play one (1) game Friday night, two (2) games Saturday in the round robin. There will be no Consolation games.

Teams will be seeded in their division based on the highest amount of points in round robin play. Points will be awarded on the following basis: Win - two (2) points, Tie - one (1) point, Loss - zero (0) points.

RP7.4 Tie Breaker Rules

a. Where tie breaking rules are required, the following tie breaking rules will be used for each placement independently:
i. Teams with a forfeit loss are ineligible for tiebreakers
ii. head-to-head record among tied teams;
iii. team with the smallest runs against ratio (runs allowed / number of defensive innings played) in games among tied teams;
iv. team with the smallest runs against ratio (runs allowed / number of defensive innings played) in all games;
v. team with the highest runs for ratio (runs scored / number of offensive innings played) in games among tied teams;
vi. team with the highest runs for ratio (runs scored / number of offensive innings played) in all games;
vii. coin toss

b. When there are 3 or more teams tied, the tiebreakers will exclude RP7.4(a)(ii). After the winner of that tie breaker is determined, the tiebreakers will continue, if necessary, excluding RP7.4(a)(ii) as long as there are 3 or more teams tied. When only 2 teams remain, the tiebreaker will start at RP7.4(a)(i).

The tournament convenor reserves the right to alter and/or make any changes necessary to ensure completion of the tournament in the allotted time.


1. The Baseball Ontario (OBA) constitution and its’ official rules shall apply (all rules can be found on their website https://ondeck.baseballontario.com/

2. See the local rules for MNBA tournament format and how the Baseball Ontario Tie Breaker Rules will apply (RP7.4) to the tournament format.

3. Payment of the entry fee will apply as an appearance bond and will not be refundable.

4. Teams must provide their OBA team number (4 or 5 digit #). Teams must have copies of affiliate approved or OBA-approved rosters with them upon request of the convenor to verify a player, but do not have to leave a copy with the convenor.

5. Any team not able to field nine eligible players at the scheduled starting time will default the game unless approved by the opposing team. Games cannot be delayed due to lack of players.

6. Managers and coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their players and anyone involved with their team, both on and off the field.

7. Line-up cards must be presented to the official scorer at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the game on the official form provided.

8. Infield practice will not be allowed before any game. No batting practice against fences will be allowed.

9. The home field team will be determined by the toss of a coin prior to each game. The team that has traveled the furthest will make the call. If the Tournament Convenor does not provide one, the home team will be the Official Scorer.

10. In the event that a game is suspended because of rain, lightning, darkness and/or other circumstances prior to it becoming an official game; the game shall be resumed from the point of suspension. Teams are not to leave the park unless instructed to by MNBA Tournament Convenor. In cases of rain and/or other delays the tournament schedule may be revised at the discretion of the Tournament Convenor.

11. All protests must be ruled on at the time of their occurrence by a committee set-up by the MNBA. The committee will consist of the on-site convenor and two other members appointed by the convenor. The decision of the committee will be final.

12. Ejection from any game will result in suspension from the next scheduled game and/or balance of the tournament depending on circumstances. The decision of the tournament committee will be final.

13. Tournament awards are set at eighteen (18) per team. (Champions and Finalists)

14. The Mississauga North Baseball Association (MNBA) and its officials accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to any equipment and/or for any injuries to any player, team officials or any other persons in the park during the tournament.

15. The Tournament Convenor reserves the right to alter and/or make any changes necessary to ensure completion of the tournament in the allotted time.

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